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About Us



SalesVan: Everything Food Truck!


Be it a trailer or a mobile shop vehicle, used or NEW,


We get your business moving!


Our business is not just an ordinary vehicle dealer. We are the retailer of a german company specializing in used and new trailer shops and Food Trucks.


We will convert your ideas to reality with profession while taking into acccount your special needs.  


As this is a brand new business opportunity in the region, our aim is to provide our customers with their second, third and... fourteenth mobile shop vehicle.

Be it new or used vehicles, we want to hold on to our customers by providing them with vehicles of a high standard. There is nothing more satisfying to us than sending off a happy and successful customer.


We believe that our customers are the best in their profession whether they run a buffet, a bakery, a butcher’s or any other kind of catering business. Our job is only to provide them with professionally designed vehicles that will support them in whatever they do. This way they can focus on the essentials of their business and make the most of it. That’s how they will profit from this new business opportunity that we are offering. 



Why mobile shop vehicles?


Because you simply cannot fail with this opportunity!




You can open a shop easily in places where you had no possibility to represent yourself before, or where it would have been too expensive to maintain a regular shop with all the accessories and staff.

You don’t have to take such risks as with a permanent shop. There are no such expenses as rent, rent guarantees or shop facilities. Having a mobile facility, you only move away to another place in case of a problem, while the owner of a permanent shop has to suffer a considerable loss under the same circumstances.

’I have seen a bakery going corrupt, but never a mobile bakery’ – the Germans say. The reason for this is that with a mobile business, you can always choose your sales location according to market demand.



Sales tours


With Germany as a model, sales tours are becoming popular in Hungary as well. This concept literally brings business to home making it possible to change your sales location daily or even more frequently. This doesn’t necessarily mean peddling/hawking, but rather that you spend 10 minutes or more than an hour in a city or country location or in an industrial area, at a bus station, near a school selling your goods. After habituating customers you can realize a significant income growth with this new business model. Later you can reach further development by joining sales forces with a business specializing in another product, for example, welcoming a butcher’s and his products into the weekly tour of a bakery.     


In Germany, thanks to the tradition of mobile shops, well-established sales tours change hands for several million forints of worth in Euro.


6 steps to a successful sales tour


  1. Analyse your starting point – what expectations and prospects do you have to run a new business. 
  2. Select target group - choose country towns, industrial areas and determine the proportion in which customers are available in those areas. 
  3. Define what product portfolio is needed in that specific location, e.g. in industrial parks there is a need for so-called morning tours providing the workers with bakery products, sandwiches, soft drinks, dairy products, salads and sweets.
  4. Plan the tour (choose sales locations).
  5. Marketing – decide what type of advertisements (flyers, newspaper advertisements, social media ads), and how many advertising spaces (in number, in time, in budget) would you like to have.
  6. Start your tour. 


Our manufacturer background


Our manufacturers are leading market participants with several decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge. They have created the cukture of mobile shops, be it trailers, mobile vehicles, mobile buffet cars, mobile bakeries or other types of models.


These companies specialize in mobile shop vehicle manufacturing offering professional quality products. Several thousand manufactured vehicles a year and happy, regular customers are the best proof for this.  



Mobile shop vehicles in different desings 


Mobile bakeries


Bakery vans

Bakery in modular kiosk

Buffet-style bakery freezer van (ideal for selling in industrial parks)


Basic mobile buffet vehicles


Vans with convertible side and modular kiosk buffets

In variable and customisable desing 


Mobile shop vehicles with cooler display counters


Mobile butcher’s vehicles

Mobile pastry vehicles

Mobile fishmonger vehicles 


You can choose from the following car brands: Renault, Fiat, Citroën, VW, Mercedes





  • Special trailer for vegetables (no unnecessary work with packing in and out, setting up tables)
  • Empty trailers with convertible sides
  • Buffet vehicle trailers, even Retroliner
  • Trailers with cooler display counter
  • Catering trailers tailored to your special needs 


Please ask our offer for a custom made NEW mobile catering trailer, or choose from our empty trailers with convertible sides or standard mobile shop vehicles! 


Do not settle for an inferior replica made in Hungary by inexperienced manufacturers. While your vehicle is out of use because of some error, you lose a considerable amount of profit you would have realized with a better one.



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