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Tailor-made construction, repair and maintenance


You have your own ideas?

You want a Food Truck?

We make your dreams come true from basic vehicle to decoration! 


Choose from our basic vehicles and we will tailor it according to your special needs and business!




Choose a basic vehicle


Offer and counselling 


Construction in- and outside


Decoration and customising headboards


Start your business!



In order to be successful in your business, you have to have a comfortable and professional working environment and the best available equipment.

That is why it is a wise choice to order your Food Truck from a company specializing in this area!


Please find our references in the Gallery!



The vehicle’s counter display has to be aesthetically pleasing to raise the customers’ interest and provide a clean and transparent overview of your offerings. On the other hand, it has to be practical and ergonomical from your point of view as there is only a limited space in these vehicles.


Do not forget that these vehicles are really shops on four wheels, therefore they have to be pleasing to the customer as well as compliant with all the technical standards (maximum total net weight, balance etc.)


What mobile shop qualities do we consider during construction?


  • These vehicles have special low floors in order to prevent that the difference in level is too big between you and your customers. The floor boards of these trucks are specially designed and made for this purpose in Germany. The floor of the shop area is cca. 40 cm above the ground, this way the customer can easily see into it. The salesperson or attendant can make contact with the customers without any further effort and can give out the products comfortably over the counter. 
  • Furniture is made of lightweight, enduring materials that are easy to clean and stainless.
  • It is possible to add extra cooler capacity on demand. 
  • Freezing, lighting and water system can be operated independent of the motor system without external network.
  • We offer custom scale sanitary units and spare a lot of valuable space.
  • We offer outer magnetic billboards with which it is easy to change the description of the products or menu.
  • As these vehicles are frequently on the move by their nature, it is important to have easy-to-handle lockup furniture. Also, all furniture and equipment is professionally fixed in order to avoid accidents.
  • We create inner and outer advertisement decor for vehicles according to custom design and artwork.
  • If needed, we help you to receive food safety authorization for your vehicle. 

Come see us and we will manufacture a truck that meets your special needs and expectations!



Rental services 


We offer the following vehicles to rent: Food Trucks / Mobile Shops / Refrigeration chambers – Freezer vans 


You need it only temporarily?


You would like to represent your company at an event, but a simple table or tent would not do? Would you like to give it a try?



With us, you can! We offer professional solutions!



Food Truck rental 



Primarily short term (days / weeks)


Longer rentals for marketing projects, possibly with customised decor! 





- Buffet cars with kitchen equipment


- Coolers and cooler display counters


- Stainless steel countertops


- Two-bowl sink with hot water


- Lavatory


- Compliant with all standards



Recommended for:


- Parties, weddings, festivals, company events


- Mobile catering 


Ask our offer!    



Mobile shop rental


Vehicles with or without cooler display counter with shop equipment 




- Inner door to driver’s cabin


- Inner lighting


- Two-bowl sink with hot water 


Recommended for: 


- Events, exhibitions (bakeries, confectioneries, representatives of meat industry etc.)


- Times of shop renovation


- Trying out a new sales location 


Ask our offer! 



Refrigeration chambers, freezer vans, freezers for rent  




- 0-5C temperature range, -20C for vehicles


- X x Y x floor space


- Lockfast door


- Digital temperature control


- +300L freezer on demand (only for refrigeration chambers!)


Recommended for


- Events


- Festivals 


Ask our offer! SPECIAL PRICES for regular customer 


General information


Individual and business credentials are required for rentals. 

Rent guarantees required. 

We enter into a rental contract with our customers, outlining the responsibilities of both parties.